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A part of our philosophy is that you should be able to walk into a store and see a price tag on something you want. At the Deck Store, free deck quotes ensure that you have that experience. No need for decking to be a murky question costing money just to see the price tag. When you ask for deck builders in Edmonton or Calgary, even parts of BC, you’ll want a quote you can live with and stand upon for years to come. Deck quotes are meant to help you decide and move forward with confidence, so let’s get quoting.

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How Much Will a New Deck Cost?

There are so many factors that go into building a deck, but your budget should start at around $15,000 and go up from there. While that’s not an insignificant sum, it’s important to note that it’s a home improvement and capital investment that can yield psychological benefits and returns on future sale of the home.

What Promotions Do You Offer For Decks?

When we jump on material surpluses from our suppliers, we’re pleased to pass savings on to customers seeking our decking packages. Decks from Vinyl to regular and pressure-treated wood to PVC and composite might come in at a special price, so check in at our stores to see what’s available and what will work for you!

How Do You Manage Projects?

Project management is a skillset we've developed over the years to take the guesswork, inefficiencies, non-standard industry benchmarks out of the picture. We're The Deck Store for you because we can show you the finished results first, keep our process transparent, and deliver what we promise to you.

Does Installation Cost Extra?

Deck installation costs extra, but it’ll get you decking that lasts. Our crews are experienced, courteous, and efficient - and we’ll get your deck put up right. Hassle-free peace of mind comes from having the pros represented in your quote. We’ve developed efficiencies over the years to make a full package with installation worth every penny.

What’s Included in a Deck Quote?

A decking quote from the Deck Store includes materials and project planning from deck builders who know the most efficient ways to build a deck that lasts. We’ll get all the details sorted out so you get a solid foundation that works for you and your family and one that meets your needs per discussion.

What Happens Next?

The process for building your dream deck begins when you review the quote and elect to proceed. We’ll get your quote approved by you, and then we’ll begin the project management scheduling, one of the best reasons to buy a deck from us. We’ll sort out when, where, what, and how to get choice materials into a finished deck and keep you apprised.

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