In-Lite Lighting

Complete your deck with customizable lighting that is energy efficient, durable, easy to install! In-lite lighting allows you to enjoy your outdoor space all day and night and make your deck or yard as unique as you are.

  • Ground Lights

    Ground lights can be installed in pavement, wood, or gravel. They will be virtually invisible during the day but create a magical effect in the evening. Place LED lights along walkways and driveways, or use them as accent lights to highlight trees, fountains, and planters.
  • Wall lights

    There are endless possibilities for wall lights! Use them next to your patio doors, or along a fence for a beautiful visual effect. Illuminate your sidewalk by mounting wall lights low enough that the light reaches the ground. Light up overhangs and pergolas. In-lite fixtures are easy to install and give you creative freedom to light up your outdoor space however you see fit!
  • Bollards

    Bollards provide beautiful ambient lighting in the evening. They are perfect for lighting pathways and driveways, as well as highlighting flowerbeds and gardens. Some collections feature adjustable light sources to further customize your lighting.
  • Outdoor Spotlights

    Spotlights beautifully highlight architectural features, such as sculptures, fountains, trees, and shrubs. In-lite’s easy to install spotlights are available with a wide or narrow light beam, depending on the feature you wish to showcase!
  • Surface lights

    In-lite surface lights can be affixed to any horizontal surface for both direct and indirect lighting effects. Mount them on ceilings, beams, steps, or the edges of a pond for stunning lighting effects.
  • Accessories

    In-lite has many accessories available to fully customize the lighting of your backyard paradise. Spikes, shields, lenses, splitters, cables, and more! Everything you need to perfectly illuminate your outdoor space.