Landscape Pavers

Azek VAST Composite Landscape Pavers

The latest innovation in landscaping paving stones, AZEK Pavers, is now available at the Deck Store. These technologically advanced pavers are re-defining the landscaping industry as the first patented composite masonry material that rivals and outperforms pavers made from concrete or clay in physical strength, durability and natural appearance.



AZEK Pavers use a patented grid system that not only dramatically reduces installation time for most contractors by approximately 65%; but also automatically aligns in any design pattern for unbeatable results. Customization is endless with this revolutionary material, as it is easily cut with most hand tools like jigsaws or miter saws without compromising its unmatched strength. At 1/3 the weight of concrete, installers are reaping the benefits of its easy maneuverability and lower transportation costs.


Made from up to 95% recycled materials, these pavers come with a lifetime warranty for residential applications. They won’t crack, resist stains and scratches, and have exceptional slip resistance when wet. Engineered to last with modern and pristine appearance, AZEK Pavers are an easy sell to homeowners with a warranty that will outlast their love of the house!


There is no compromising when it comes to hardscape beauty and the design versatility of AZEK Pavers. Choose from re-surfacing pavers, standard pavers, and permeable pavers with five rich, contemporary colors available at the Deck Store: boardwalk, olive, redwood, village, and waterwheel. With residential adaptability, these pavers are perfect for use on patios, driveways, decks, flat roof and in commercial applications.

  • Commercial

    VAST® Composite Pavers deliver brilliant colors, excellent slip resistance, immunity to salt and other chemicals, and the durability demanded by architects and engineers. VAST is perfect for parking lots, entryways, walkways, patios and other commercial landscape applications.
  • Permeable

    Combined with an open-graded base, VAST Composite Permeable Pavers can reduce runoff-generating impervious cover and decrease the rate and quantity of runoff. Combined with its recycled content, VAST pavers help projects earn LEED® certification easier than any other pavement.
  • Flat Roof

    At just one-third the weight of concrete, VAST pavers bring the strength, beauty and design versatility of pavers to flat roofs. Unlike concrete, VAST pavers can be installed without the use of pedestal systems and expensive building reinforcement.
  • Driveway

    Make a statement with a VAST Driveway paver driveway or entrance. VAST Composite Pavers are durable under the use of snow plows, are completely immune to salt and will not crack from freeze-thaw conditions.
  • Patio

    Take less from the world and look good doing it. VAST pavers will not tarnish by efflorescence, the chalky white haze that seeps out of concrete over time. VAST’s highly engineered material minimizes fading to ensure timeless enjoyment.
  • Deck

    Have the only deck of its kind. VAST has utilized its cutting edge composite technology to create the most unique, socially responsible and completely maintenance-free alternative to decking materials. Learn more about VAST Composite Resurfacing.