Cutek Stain

CUTEK is a synthetic oil developed in Australia 30 years ago, specialized in exterior wood protection.

It takes a completely different approach to wood care; instead of encapsulating the wood like most coatings, it gets deep into the wood and protects from within. CUTEK is hydrophobic, repelling water. This changes the hygroscopic nature of the wood (continuous exchange of moisture). It will reduce its swelling, cupping, twisting and checking dramatically, increasing the service life of the wood. No sanding! No stripping! GUARANTEED NOT TO PEEL OR FLAKE!



    • Does not need to be sanded unless wood has been coated before
    • Penetrates the wood instead of forming a film
    • No peeling or flaking
    • Oil based --oil has been used for centuries to protect wood
    • Unlike other oil finishes, Cutek is a synthetic oil, that does not have the necessary nutrients for moulds and fungus to thrive
    • Enhances the natural beauty of the wood
    • Can be used on Bamboo, hardwood, softwood & wood outdoor furniture
    • Do not use bleach to clean wood

    • Used to clean, brighten, and restore wood
    • Use when wood is weathered and grey
    • Before using make sure you remove any existing film
    • Needs to be used on uncoated wood
    • Works well on taning, iron, resin, fungal, and oil stains
    • Biodegradable
    • Cost effective
    • Must be washed off with a power washer (hot water preferably)
    • After using ProClean be careful walking on the deck, as it will be extremely slippery

    • Use if you do not like the natural silvering of the surface
    • Smooth boards don’t hold as much colour as rough-sawn ones
    • Comes in 10 colours:
    • Can be applied by using a brush, paint pad, fabric mop, or lambswool applicator
    • Use two coats: Apply second coat after 1st coat dries
    • It will fade overtime instead of flake
    • To yield a better colour, use a pressure washer in combination with Cutek’s ProClean, or if it’s new wood, try sanding it to a 80 grit.
    • Can mix the colourtone colours