Is PVC Decking Right For Your Project?

Rely on PVC decking made just for you. This material demonstrates a high resolve with minimal maintenance requirements, so your project is ready to go without a false start. From slip resistance properties to a complete, hardened exterior, you’ll learn to love a deck made with PVC. They’re scratch, mould, and stain resistant for long-lived benefit and being wood-free, they’re helping reduce lumber quotas worldwide. PVC decks might be the material you need for maximum satisfaction in your outdoor living spaces. Check out our most recommended brands and commit to PVC for your backyard.

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The Benefits of PVC Decking

Low Maintenance

Due to its design and engineering process, PVC decks don’t need much attention from you. Once it’s up, you can sit back and allow the sands of time to erode it slowly, with minimal intervention. Don’t worry about periodic washes, revarnishing, pest control, or new coats of paint for years to come.


PVC is known for its durability, as it takes long molecular carbon chains and layers them thousands of times. It can take a lot of punishment thanks to that engineered process, meaning you’ll be less focused on repairs once it’s erected. Stand back and admire your weatherproof deck!

No Painting Required

Painting isn’t required since this smooth, purposeful material is manufactured ready to go. Choose from a wide pallate suited to your exterior style and find the colour that sets your aesthetic just right. Whatever colour you need, get it made to order and leave the paint cans behind.


PVC decking is exceptionally sleek, and it’s got a visual appeal that will make your deck stand out from a distance or right up close. As a synthetic decking material, a lot goes into making it look like it’s got a smooth finish.

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"Simon and his crew have the most experience and use best tools (incl. software), have the best design to draw from and straight-shooting people, to define, construct and finish the job. Nobody else quotes a job as professionally and / or sees it through to the end as well. You *may* get quoted a bit less, but along with that will come bundles of risk and hassles. No hiccups here. Top notch, turnkey service."

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"Was very tired of dealing with contractors. I went to The Deck Store and they walked me through everything from start to finish. The customer service was amazing and the finished product was perfect."

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"Very knowledgeable team at the Deck Store regardless of which person we were assisted by. We mostly worked with Hardy and Ken who went beyond to help us out. We are very happy with the composite decking product we chose and feel we paid a less for a better quality product that we had been looking at somewhere else. Highly recommend."


"I really appreciate the service I received from The Deck Store. Hardy is very knowledgeable, helpful and was patient in taking the order, answering questions and providing advice. When I returned to pick up the order of cedar, I brought an auto carrier trailer with high fenders, certainly not the best choice when it comes to loading bundled wood. However, Simon (the owner) and his driver, skillfully and patiently loaded the two bundles of wood. There is no question that I would return for materials for other projects, nor would I hesitate to recommend them. Thank you for the great service."

Rob M.

"I was looking for a good stain for my fence and went to the Deck Store and Hardy helped us explain the benefits of cutek stain and we're glad we picked it up. It looks amazing. Will definitely recommend to friends and family."

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