Is Pressure Treated Lumber Right
For Your DECK Project?

Pressure-treated wood is a great choice for your home deck, thanks to a few key features. It’s permeated with preservatives to prevent pests and microorganisms from inhabiting and consuming the wood fibres. Its economic distillation process provides a saving that we can pass down to customers, so you can get a big project done for less. Pressure-treated lumber decks provide the stability you’re looking for with the longevity features you might be considering in other decking options. Ask us how past projects we’ve completed have complemented the structure and whether it’s right for you!

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Thanks to great economy on various types of lumber and an efficient distillation process, the finished product is ready to go in no time, at a lower price than chemically engineered alternatives. Lumber has a natural appeal that you can brush your hand against to appreciate.


Pressure is the key word here, as chemical solutions are pumped into the plant fibres of the wood. The pressure packs these fibres tighter as a result and makes the wood stronger as a result and able to withstand various inclement weather you find in Canada from east to west – for decades.


Pressure-treated is built different. Unlike untreated wood, pressure-treated wood wards mould from the inside out. The fibres of pressure-treated wood are dense and wicking thanks to the process’ pressure and chemical profile, so you can bet on consistent, inherent moisture resistance - like water off a duck’s back.


The chemical solutions pressure-fed into the wood - to the point of saturation - are anathema to insects, from ticks to wood-boring beetles. Pressure-treated lumber avoids the susceptibility of wood to chips in an outer protective layer and provides consistent protection through and through.

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