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Tamko Decking


TAMKO takes Inspiration from nature with this new line from Envision. The Envision Inspiration series emulates natural textures and two-tone color variations for a look of outdoor authenticity.

Available colours

  • Barnwood PlankBarnwood Plank
  • TwineTangled Twine
  • Weathered WickerWeathered Wicker


Give your new deck an air of Distinction with the unparalleled beauty found in the Envision Distinction line. Distinction decking is the picture of refined elegance with textured colors and bold highlights as distinct as mother nature's finest palette.

Available colours

  • Spiced TeakSpiced Teak
  • Shaded AuburnShaded Auburn
  • Rustic WalnutRustic Walnut
  • GreyWoodGreyWood

A deck in need of staining, sanding or painting each year can be an unsightly and frustrating part of your spring chores. Did you know that you can have a deck that has the look of natural wood without all of the work and bother? With a low maintenance TAMKOEnvision composite deck, you can say goodbye to these yearly chores and merely open your doors in the spring to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Advantages of TAMKO Decking

TAMKO Envision decking is durable and made with high quality materials to withstand every day life and all sorts of weather.

  • Bonded outer layer adds durability
  • Compression process creates a physical bond between the outer layer and core board to help prevent delamination
  • Compression molding allows for deep grain wood-like texture and more random patterns for a more natural wood look
  • Resists mildew
  • Tougher than wood
  • No splinters
  • 25-year limited warranty

Choose TAMKO

TAMKO reimagines deck boards with colours and patterns inspired by nature. Not only do they look great, but they are durable as well. They are built to stand up to nature's wild side which is perfect for our Alberta climate.