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Clubhouse Decking


If your style is more rustic, you may decide on the earthy colors that give the look of painted luxury - without the bother of maintaining it. To really brighten your home's outdoor living experience, choose Sandstone or Clay. Cobblestone will give your Clubhouse deck a sandy and beachy look, while Brookstone is a medium gray that will make any of your deck accessories pop.

Available colours

  • sandstone sandstone
  • clay clay
  • cobblestone cobblestone
  • brookstone brookstone


There are four distinctive wood grains to choose from in this rich group of colors. From the dark gray of Ironwood, the deep and dramatic look of Mahogony and rich black-brown of Walnut - to the light and bright color of Ipe. If wood grain is what you're looking for, you will find it in this collection.

Available colours

  • ironwood ironwood
  • mahogany mahogany
  • walnut walnut
  • ipe ipe

Do you have an old wooden deck that you have been putting off replacing? Or, have you been longing for a place outside that you can enjoy? Don't put off replacing that old wooden deck any longer - and it's time for you to have that beautiful outdoor living space you've been dreaming of.

Whether it be a relaxing cup of coffee or quiet glass of wine - or, a loud and fun family gathering - a pleasant outdoor living space often becomes the central location for gathering. A lovely addition of a beautiful deck not only brings enjoyment to you and your friends and family, but it makes your home look finished, at the same time it is increasing the value of your home.

Advantages of Clubhouse Decking

When choosing the type of deck, make sure you look at all of your options. If you have experience with wood decks, you know about the yearly upkeep they require in order to maintain their integrity and looks. Wooden decks are quickly being replaced with the ease of care, durability and great looks of PVC decking.

When you choose PVC decking, you can say goodbye to the maintenance.

  • No wood or wood fillers
  • No mildew or rot
  • No fading or staining

Clubhouse Decking provides a 25 year warranty against fading and stain protection. The color and durability of Clubhouse Decking will withstand even the harsh effects of severe climates.

Choose Clubhouse

What is your style? Do you prefer a painted look, or the distinctive look of wood grains? Whichever you prefer, you will find it in the Clubhouse Collections.

Clubhouse decking offers you many types of board and fastener styles to choose from - giving your new outdoor living area a unique and finished look that you will enjoy for years to come.