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Many companies offer deck repair in Calgary & Edmonton but finding a reputable company with a solid portfolio can be difficult.  With over 30 years of experience in our industry, we've got the knowledge and experience to systematically assess and repair an old deck and make it like new again. From slanted deck railings to joists losing their sturdiness, we’ll help you understand the safety issues at hand, repair efficiently, and advise on future maintenance. Deck repair can get your old deck back in shape, and it might be required as a part of wood decking’s annual maintenance and overhaul. We’re the experts to help you through this process. Whether you’re dealing with high-maintenance wood decking or low-maintenance synthetic decking - repairers are standing by.

Save Money

Save money on new decks by getting your old ones back in shape! Sometimes the only thing needed is a partial replacement of deteriorating components. We’re always willing to provide that required professional eye for safety’s sake.

Increase Curb Appeal

Make an impression with your home. Many homeowners prize curb appeal, whether they’re selling or calling it a forever home. A deck in disrepair hurts your home’s aesthetics and even its value, but repairs look great.

Prevent Future Issues

Timely deck repair prevents small issues from  becoming big ones, as your deck struggles to bear the same surface load. You can prevent major safety issues and figure out when you’ll need a full replacement more carefully.

Common Deck Repairs

Wood rot is unfortunately common but by taking steps to catch it early, you can repair wood rot in time. Moisture damage and sun damage on the surface can also require routine plank replacement on wood decking. Repairs are something we can do to help you maintain safety, but it requires vigilance. We know what to look for, so we can advise on critical issues!


Loose Rails

Loose rails are a major problem with wood decks especially, and they can drastically impact the safety of your deck. Get them fastened securely so you can lean on them at rest or when climbing stairs.


Broken Boards

Wooden boards can be tough, but they’re susceptible to breaking. Even tougher materials like PVC, pressure-treated lumber, or composite decking need replacing when broken, but replacing planks separately will keep costs down.


Rusted/Missing Nails

Nails hold the whole thing together in wood deck builds. Moisture gets into the wood and rusts nails from the insides, meaning you’ll require safety repairs at important joints.


Rotting Posts

Wooden support columns or posts are susceptible to moisture and wood rot once microorganisms take hold of the wood fibres. This should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid a catastrophic failure of your deck.


Staining & Sealing

Staining and sealing are common repairs that wood decks demand almost universally. As moisture and UV rays punish the stain on your wood, they need sanding off to make room for a new protective layer.


Missing Lag Screws

Lag screws are of critical importance to your deck’s integrity, some of the most important joints, so you’ll need to monitor these periodically to ensure that the deck’s safe to bear weight.

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