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Trex decking is a great choice for homes in Edmonton, and it’s wildly popular abroad, from Edmonton, and west all the way to Kelowna. This make is well known for perfecting the synthesis between wood and plastic.  Getting Trex brand composite decking means you have the best of both worlds between peace of mind from excellence and an affordable bottom line. Our Edmonton Deck Store is ready to help with a wide selection of choice styles and colours for incredible decks.

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Transcend Collection

When you choose the Transcend Collection, you can choose from two new luxury colors of Havana Gold and Spiced Rum. Their names give away their deep, rich hues. You may want something more contemporary such as the tropicals with the appropriate names of Island Mist (a beautiful light gray); the deep red of Lava Rock or the lighter red of Tiki Torch. All of these colors will give your outside living space a distinctive look that will be noticed.


Available colours

  • gravel path gravel path
  • havana gold havana gold
  • island mist island mist
  • lava rock lava rock
  • rope swing rope swing
  • spiced rum spiced rum
  • tiki torch tiki torch

ENHANCE Collection

The classic shades included in the Enhance Collection will provide you with a high-definition of grain pattern. With a variety of colors to choose from, in neutral and medium tones, Beach Dune and Toasted Sand bring out the reds that are so popular. From Foggy Wharf to Clam Shell, there is a gray that will suit any space to showcase your accessories and give a pop to any colors you want to use on your deck.


Available colours

  • Foggy Wharf Foggy Wharf
  • Rocky Harbor Rocky Harbor
  • Toasted Sand Toasted Sand
  • Coastal Bluff Coastal Bluff
  • clam shell clam shell
  • beach dune Beach Dune

Select Collection

Three deeply rich shades of red, gray or brown - Winchester Gray and Woodland Brown are featured in the Select Collection. These colors make a bold statement that will give your home the look you've seen in magazines. For a lighter, less intense color - you can choose Pebble Gray or Saddle - just a little less intense but beautiful in their simplicity.


Available colours

  • pebble grey pebble grey
  • winchester grey winchester
  • woodland brown woodland
  • saddle saddle

Why Choose Trex Decking

Trex is one of the most respected brands out there in the composite decking market. We’re proud to carry Trex because we want your decking project to be eco-friendly, low-maintenance, tough, long-lived, and clocking in at a price point you can appreciate.



Salvaging plastic from landfills is part of Trex’s sourcing philosophy. The wood fibres come from responsible lumber sources, and the plastic is saved from landfills, so you can do your part in recycling for the environment’s sake.


No Sanding or Painting Required

Composite decks are ready to go without varnishes, sanding or painting. The kind of decks you choose with Trex composites come in gorgeous colours and textures you’ll love right off the shelf.


Fade, Stain & Scratch Resistant

Trex prevents scratches, extraneous stains, and plank curling. Move your patio furniture around without worry, and don’t worry about hailstorms or the steady onslaught of high-UV sunlight. That makes your deck look new longer.


25-Year Limited Warranty

Trex is confident in their materials and their long-lived suitability for your deck project. Material quality can drastically affect the useful life of your deck and greatly increase your costs unless you’ve got a similar outstanding decades-long warranty.


Mildew & Mould Resistant

Mould and mildew can lead to rotting insides. Because it doesn’t waste away, it won’t be food for insects as you share your deck with organic threats. Trex composite is no safe haven for pests or rot.


Durable & Low Maintenance

Trex composite decking is made for heavy use and hard weather. Wood decks require sanding old varnish layers, painting a protective and aesthetic coat and eventually replacing the deck plank by plank. Not with Trex.

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