Hassle-Free Deck Installation
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Deck installation in Edmonton is less daunting when you have a team of professional Edmonton deck builders handling the process. We’re competent in best practices, having multiple teams at the ready for any given neighbourhood. Working with tail-gate companies can leave you questioning their process, their expertise, and even their material supply. On the other hand, going the DIY route and sourcing your material from big-box stores leaves you in the dark about all that you need. When you get your deck installed by us, you can rest assured that we have all the expertise and the material supply to make a superior deck happen. We can make your deck installation happen in Edmonton.

The Deck Store That Does It AlL

Save Time

We’ll talk to you about your vision, your budget, and your needs. We’ll ask you what kind of useful life and maintenance you need, and we’ll handle all the details. You’ll save hours of research!

Professional Deck Builders

We’re deck-building professionals in every sense. When we quote, we do so based on broad experience and exposure to vast decking styles and designs. When we hear out your vision, we make it happen.

Discounts on Full Deck Packages

When you get your design, materials, and installation with us, we can work some savings in and pass them to you. Material surplus, turnkey designs, and easy access at the site allow for discounts. Inquire within.

Our Deck InStallation Process

Deck installation in Edmonton means having your deck done right and done once with long-lasting workmanship. Choose your materials and trust that the installation will leverage your materials selection’s strengths and weaknesses. We plan carefully, so the execution doesn’t trip over deficiencies in the consultation package. We’ll focus on a hassle-free process for outstanding results.


Contact Us

Visit us in-store for your one-to-one consultation or contact us online to discuss your project. We can provide you with a free deck quote and give you more details on the next steps.


Deck Design

Decks are not just propped up. They require safety standards and sound construction theory to make your outdoor living space one you can bet your life on. We’ll design for aesthetics and reliable safety.


Product Selection

Our products are not just in a catalogue but on display. When we say it’s a deck store, it really is. Point at the display shelves, and we’ll help you translate your needs into a full material package.


Detailed Quote

That full material package can be itemized well, absent of gaps in your quote, despite multiple arrays of material components like Zuri decking. Our labour quotes show our understanding of how long each job or subtask takes.


Permit Acquisition

Permits are a headache, full of legal obligations, with bylaws hindering your project. We’ll handle that part for you, having become very familiar with what permitting requirements exist and how to fulfill them.


Hassle-Free Construction

We’re well-versed in the execution of our deck builds, from simple to complex designs. We don’t overcommit or underdeliver based on inexperience or a lack of transparency; we get it done right.

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