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Why You Need Cutek Stain for Your Edmonton Deck

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Decks can add a lot of function, charm and value to your home. But they need to be maintained and cared for to keep them looking fresh and new. A little hard work will go a long way to save you time and money down the road. When looking for quality stain products for your deck, look no further than Cutek Deck Stain.

How Cutek Works

Unlike other wood stains, the oils in Cutek Deck Stain work by penetrating and stabilizing the wood, rather than surrounding it. There are several other factors that set Cutek apart from the rest. Such as:

  • Will work with any kind of lumber- Cutex Deck Stain will penetrate any kind of wood, including hardwood and engineered timbers
  • Water Repellent
  • Last long after colour has faded
  • No cracking, peeling or flaking
  • Does not need to be professionally applied- Cutek oils are so easy to apply, even someone with no decking experience can apply with no problems
  • No sanding needed between coats
  • One coat needed per application
  • Can be used on outdoor wood furniture
  • Can be used on indoors on beams, furniture or wood surfaces

When to Apply Cutek Deck Stain?

Cutek Deck Stain can be applied once a year for regular maintenance but will last and protect your deck even without reapplication. Without applying protective oils, moisture is wood's worst enemy. Other stains and oils try to protect the timber by forming a thin coating on the surface of the wood. After constant sun exposure, the UV rays break down this coating, leaving your deck unprotected. Cutek is the only product that protects your timber from within, all while enhancing its natural beauty.

Why You Need Cutek for Your Calgary Deck

Cutek deck stain will make sure your deck is protected and beautiful, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Visit the experts at the Deck Store in Edmonton to help you choose the best Cutek deck stain for your deck and all the necessary supplies you'll need to apply it.