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The Best Materials to Use Make your Deck Last

Deck builders in Edmonton and long-lasting materials to use

A home addition is never cheap, so protecting your investment to the best of your abilities is imperative. While an outdoor deck's importance might often be overlooked, the value it can add to a home and its ability to procure an inviting environment for guests to gather cannot be understated. Making sure your deck can withstand the natural elements it's perpetually exposed to can be as simple as constructing a deck with long-lasting materials with the help of your local deck builders in Edmonton. Knowing what material is most durable and will last you many years to come can be challenging to ascertain when you're not privy to deck construction. Still, this information can be easy to grasp for any homeowner. 

Find out the decking materials you should use to maintain your outdoor area without the worry of prompt deterioration crossing your mind.


When thinking about durability, wood may not be the material that initially comes to mind–and for a good reason. Wood is susceptible to moisture exposure that can cause mildew and rot, and moisture exposure is a given when the construction has to endure the natural elements outside. But certain types of wood, including IPA, redwood, and cedar, can sustain a great deal of moisture exposure without deterioration and are also scratch and scuff-resistant. With stringent upkeep, these types of wood decks can prove to be extremely long-lasting. 

Aluminum and steel

Although aluminum and steel aren't preferred decking materials when compared to others, like wood and composite, it's still a material that is relatively low-maintenance and can last upward to 30 years. While wood can rot from moisture exposure, aluminium and steel are resistant to water and the mildew and mould that can result from it. It also isn't liable to crack or rust, and a non-skid texture can be applied to avoid slips and falls. 


Composite decking consists of a blend of plastic and wood fibres and can emulate the appearance of wood, but at a much cheaper price. In addition to being the more inexpensive option, composite isn't at an increased risk to mould and rot from exposure to water, or facing a likelihood of insect infestation, like many wood decking materials are. Composite decking doesn't require any finishing to secure it and is highly durable and low-maintenance, contributing to its continuous popularity. 

Stone and concrete

Stone and concrete are the more pricer decking option, and the cost can inevitably increase with professional deck builders in Edmonton that are possibly needed for installation. But this decking material is expensive because it is the most durable of the other materials mentioned. A concrete or stone patio can last an entire lifespan, up to 70 years, and requires little to no maintenance to secure its longevity. 


With scratch, fade and water resistance as known traits, synthetic decking is one of the most sought-after and durable materials you can select to build your deck with. Synthetic decking is one of the best options to choose from, with a lifespan that can extend to 30-50 years and with no maintenance involved to sustain it. 

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