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The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Deck Builder

The Benefits of Hiring a Custom Deck Builder

A new deck can add ample outdoor living space to your home for cooking, dining, relaxing, entertaining, and spending quality time with your family. It can also improve your home's aesthetics, curb appeal, and resale value. When building a deck, it's best to hire a professional contractor with the right tools and expertise to do things right the first time. Below are some benefits of hiring a custom deck builder instead of taking a DIY approach. Call us today for a consultation!

1. Exceptional Design 

Instead of choosing a pre-built deck layout, custom deck builders can help you craft the best deck design for your home. They will also help you choose the correct material for your deck construction. With their extensive experience in deck and patio construction, professional contractors know the best materials to withstand extreme weather conditions in your area. 

Whether it's wood, composite, or aluminum, your contractor will help you pick what works best for your deck placement. For example, an 'island deck' may be built on a stone, soil, or grass base. But if you prefer an attached deck, your contractor will recommend the correct height, levelling, and safety features. A multi-level deck with railings and stairs may also work well if your yard is on a hill or in an area with a steep slope.

2. The Correct Tools & Transportation

Deck projects require the right tools and machinery, which you may lack in a common toolbox. Some of the tools needed include a hand saw, mitre saw, cordless driver, and power drill. You'll also need the right materials to build your structure, be it wood or aluminum. These heavy materials will need transportation from the retailer to your home. Fortunately, custom deck builders have the right tools and trucks to transport all the appropriate equipment and materials needed for your project.

3. Enhanced Safety

There are specific permits and code requirements you must meet depending on the type of deck you want to build. This process can be tricky but can ensure safety and improve resale value. Certified contractors have experience with various building permits and can ensure your deck is up to code. As a result, your finished deck will meet all requirements and be structurally stable to safely support people, barbecues, furniture, and whatever else a backyard party throws at it. 

4. Saves Time

If summer is fast approaching and you're still brainstorming various design ideas, you may not likely complete your deck in time. As a result, you might miss out on the entire season! A custom deck build can take several weeks, even for avid DIYers. However, hiring a skilled custom deck builder can ensure the project is completed and is up to code in just a matter of days. 

5. Save Money

The cost of tools, machinery, materials, and transportation can quickly increase the price tag of a DIY deck construction. For that reason, it's best to hire a custom deck builder to save costs. Established deck builders have connections with suppliers and can receive discounts when purchasing materials due to economies of scale. 

They can then pass down the savings to you, reducing the overall cost of your new deck! Moreover, reputable deck builders offer warranties for their work, ensuring your deck is covered for many years. This warranty protection can save you money down the road should your deck require repairs.

Schedule Your Custom Deck Construction Today!

Hiring a custom deck builder ensures the project is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal costs. Whether you need extra space outside to enjoy cooking and dining or simply want to create room for relaxation and barbecues, hiring our custom deck builder offers many benefits. We offer multiple decking options, from pressure-treated woods to cedar, Trex, composites, and vinyl decking. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!