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Protect Your Deck with a Drainage System

Without a doubt, deck drainage systems are one of the most forgotten about investments one must make when building a deck, but easily one of the most essential. Whether your "dream deck" covers an entryway or a sitting area, you want dry coverage for the space below. That's where deck drainage systems make the difference, so long as you embrace this great technology.

But, hold on a do deck drainage systems work?

The best way to explain is by looking at one of the top models - the Trex RainEscape deck drainage system!

How Does the Trex RainEscape Work?

You install the system under your deck boards. To do so, you need the system, a pair of scissors, utility knife, staple gun, and caulking gun. It only takes an hour or two to complete the install. When water falls under the deck boards, or if snow or ice melts, the liquid will escape through the mitigation system. This system is kept away from the deck, meaning the water won't just drop from one of the sides. That way, you can even wash your deck without having to worry about any of the water dripping down.

Will the Trex RainEscape Plug Up?

The biggest concern with deck drainage systems is whether there is a risk of debris causing a blockage. It's possible for leaves, sticks, and other items to get stuck. If this does happen, you can take apart the system in the particular spot that got plugged up. For the most part, any debris that gets inside the system will flush out with water on rainy days.

Is This a Long-Lasting Solution?

The other issue is whether this type of drainage technology will stand the test of time. The Trex RainEscape consists of durable materials, including strong plastics and ultra violet inhibitors. With proper installation, water gets sent through the downspout in just seconds. This leaves the system dry, which means there would not be any durability issues during the freezing months. Even when snow build-up takes over your deck, it will sit empty efficiently as it melts.

Invest in Deck Drainage Systems Today!

Without a doubt, the Trex Rain Escape drainage system is one of the hottest deck drainage systems on the market. You can pick this system up at a lower cost than most comparable products, all while enjoying a more durable build. And with such a quick installation, you can’t go wrong!

Protect your investment with Trex RainEscape, available at both of The Deck Store's two locations in Edmonton!

Have you considered water drainage for your deck? Why or why not?