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Outdoor Decks vs Concrete Patios

Outdoor composite decking in Calgary and concrete patios 

Carving out the perfect outdoor space on your property will make for an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere added to your home. Whether you add a fully functioning deck or laid-back patio, as a homeowner, you will be able to reap the benefits of making your property more compelling of sight and a welcoming place for friends and family to socialize. Although both the composite decking in Edmonton and the concept of a patio have their merits, many homeowners will want to know which addition is the worthiest and what will vastly improve the value of their homes. 

Find out which outdoor addition is ultimately better for a household based on maintenance, durability, and ease of installation, among other factors. 

Permits and inspections

When deciding whether to construct a deck or a patio, you must consider what outdoor area requires a permit and inspection. Concrete patios do not need a permit or a professional inspection because they are installed directly on the ground. However, inquiring about permits to city officials is always a good idea before you begin building your patio. Unlike concrete patios, permits and inspections are usually required for building an attached deck because it could ultimately affect your home's structure. One of the first steps of building a deck is to acquire proper permits and get an inspection completed by a professional to determine whether your proposed structure is up to specific codes and meets the designated requirements of your area. 

Terrain considerations 

Uneven terrain isn't much of a concern when building a deck and can even be beneficial in many ways, but it can cause issues when it comes time to install your patio. Cement patios are installed on the direct ground, and when the terrain is uneven, it can ultimately ruin your desired installation. Work can be done if you live in an area where rough terrain is common and rampant, but it will be intensive and time-consuming. 


Property maintenance is always a concern for homeowners, with less maintenance in the outdoor areas often being ideal and most vied for. Concrete patios can be easily maintained, with resealing only needing to be done every so often and cleaning off any accumulating debris. But maintaining wooden decking can be a bit more complex than a simple wash. Decks made from wood will need to be repainted and restrained when they begin to fade visibly; they will need to be sealed more often than their concrete counterpart and power washed to prevent decaying, which is so common when using wood. Such thorough maintenance can be avoided when you buy an alternative material to wood, such as composite decking in Edmonton. 

Resale value

Any new addition, renovation, and general construction that is installed onto a property are often weighed in importance by how it will impact a dwelling's resale value. And although a patio and a deck can enhance a home's resale value, a deck is the more desired of the two for potential homeowners, particularly in warmer climates, and will be the installment that will enhance your resale value the most. 

Privacy vs view 

When you walk out of your home and onto your patio or deck, what you want to see is dependent on whether or not a deck or patio is the best option for you. If you want to overlook your property from a higher-up area, the deck is your best option. For privacy, as patios are often installed on the lowest part of the ground, a patio should be your preferred option. 

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