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LedgerLok Ledger Board Screws For A Safe & Secure Deck!

Whether you are building your dream deck or are contracted to build one for a client, products that make the job easier and save time are invaluable. Enter FastenMaster LedgerLok Screws.

Proper attachment of the ledger board when building a deck is one the biggest safety concerns to avoid deck collapses. Lag and carriage bolts are the usual go-to fasteners and both take considerable time and effort to pre-drill holes before the actual fastening process can begin. LedgerLok ledger board screws are the first of their kind. Specially designed for installation without pre-drilling or the need for heavy-duty impact wrenches, these deck fasteners make quick work of safely securing a ledger board to a home.

ACQ and code approved, LedgerLok deck fasteners undergo a three-step coating process to prevent corrosion, even in our Alberta climate. Designed to replace typical lag or carriage bolts, LedgerLok fasteners have high shear values, super-sized threads that grab a tight hold, built-in washer and large hex head to avoid stripping when securing.

While LedgerLok delivers on safety and durability, your favourite feature is bound to be the ease of installation. The gimlet is super-sharp which avoids any need for pre-drilling and since you do not have to add washers, rather than preparing for installation, you will be instantly securing the ledger board to the building. FastenMaster recommends a 14.4V drill or 18V if cordless. LedgerLok deck fasteners include a FREE 5/16” driver bit in the box so you don’t have to search for yours, which is usually missing when you need it most.

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