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Know That Your Deck Stain Will Survive Edmonton Winter with Cutek Deck Stain

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We all know that Edmonton winters are tough. There are steps we take every year to protect our homes from the incoming frigid temperatures and snow. But do you protect your deck? Most of us don't even think about our backyard structures during the winter, but it's important to protect them as well. So how do we do that? By using Cutek deck stain in the summer, you can refresh your deck while giving it strong protection for the upcoming colder months.

Why Cutek Deck Stain?

Cutek Extreme is different than other deck stains. It offers a unique kind of oil that can keep wood and bamboo protected for many years. It applies as a clear oil with a choice of ten different Cutek Colourtones that can be added in to the stain to get a perfect match for your deck. The colour tones enhance the natural look of the wood.

How Does it Protect My Deck?

Cutek deck stain can minimize warping, cupping and splitting which ultimately means a much longer life for your deck. Cutek Colourtones also add UV protection, which will help retain the natural wood colour for much longer.

How Do I Apply it?

Cutek Extreme is very easy to apply, but it's important that it can diffuse deeply into the wood. To make this possible, be sure to thoroughly sand your deck to remove any existing coating. It is also important that your deck is clean and dry before applying any Cutek deck stain. A power washing should do the trick. Be sure to give your deck sufficient time to dry before applying any stain.

When Should I Apply Cutek Deck Stain?

It's important to begin your deck staining project in the warmer months of early to mid-summer. This will give the stain plenty of time to completely penetrate the wood and start protecting. The cold weather tends to sneak up on us in the fall, so using Cutek deck stain in June or July is your best bet. Be sure to check the weather before preparing your deck to be stained. You'll need a couple rain-free days to get the best results.

How Long Will It Last?

When applied properly, Cutek deck stains will last for many years. It's important to note that decks coated with clear Cutek Extreme will silver with age, so if this isn't the look you're going for, consider using a Cutek Colourtone with your stain.

With a little preparation in the summer, your deck will stand strong in the Edmonton winter. Come out to The Deck Store today to learn more about Cutek deck stain to protect your deck.