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How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood?

How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood?

Traditional wood has been a popular decking material for decades. But over the recent years, newer engineered materials have cropped up, offering high-performance and low-maintenance perks that traditional wood just can’t deliver. One of the most critical decisions you’ll have to make when building a new deck is deciding on what material to use, and it affects both your home’s look and finances. In this guide, we compare all the benefits and considerations for Timbertech composite PVC decking products vs. wood so you can decide with confidence. Visit us today for a consultation.

Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Vs Wood

Here is how these decking products compare head to head.

1. Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking is your ultimate choice if you want to expand your living space without inviting extra home maintenance chores. Traditional wood, whether basic pressure-treated lumber or exotic hardwood, demands costly, rigorous, and time-consuming maintenance year after year.

Timbertech composite decking doesn’t need sanding or sealing each year for protection. All you need is to conduct an annual deep cleaning and inspection to keep your deck strong and beautiful. Cleaning is as easy as clearing dirt, scrubbing stains, and rinsing as needed.

Winner: Timbertech composite PVC decking products

2. Enduring Looks

Modern composite decking products offer the rich, warm look of authentic wood. So, it may seem like a tie when deciding which option looks better. But in terms of performance, composite decking is more durable than real wood, holding up against UV and moisture damage that can cause wood lumber to fade, splinter, or split. TimberTech composite decking often lasts longer and retains its beauty for several years to come without staining. 

Winner: Timbertech composite PVC decking products

How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood?

3. Affordability Upfront

Some homeowners hesitate to choose Timbertech composite PVC decking products when comparing it with wood because it is typically more expensive upfront. However, material costs vary widely within the broader wood categories and composite decking options. For example, high-quality Ipe lumber might cost more than most composite decking materials, while pressure-treated pine is quite affordable. 

The lifetime maintenance costs and life expectancy of decking materials also matter. But if you simply want to minimize your initial project costs, you can opt for pressure-treated pine, which is often more affordable. 

Winner: Wood

4. Lifetime Value

While manufactured decking materials often cost more upfront, wood decks require ongoing maintenance, including applying a new coat of sealer every 1-3 years. Over a period of 10 years, even the cheapest wood decks, like pressure-treated pine, will cost several thousand dollars extra to maintain than Timbertech composite PVC decking products.

Winner: Timbertech composite PVC decking products

5. Moisture Protection

Timbertech’s Composite™ doesn’t absorb moisture and is far more weather-resistant than wood. While you can seal wood decking to enhance moisture resistance, you’ll need to treat it regularly. Moreover, it will still absorb some moisture and begin to decompose with time. Timbertech’s Capped Composite decking particularly fares well against moisture than uncapped decks. The protective caps prevent water from accessing the decking core. 

Winner: Timbertech composite PVC decking products

How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood? 3

6. Natural Wood Look

Modern decking technology has refined the look of composite decking materials to mimic wood extremely well. But if your goal is to achieve a real-wood look, you can’t beat the authenticity of natural wood’s colour and grain. Fortunately, Timbertech composite decking offers low-maintenance perks but looks almost like natural wood.

Winner: Wood

7. Ease of Installation

Working with hardwoods like Ipe is generally harder, especially in terms of sizing or drilling boards. Cutting and ripping Timbertech composite boards to size is as easy as lumber. Moreover, your board sizes will come out more uniform than with wood, meaning less woodworking. You won’t need to seal your new composite deck as the norm with real wood. Additionally, composite decks accommodate hidden fasteners, creating a seamless look.

Winner: Timbertech composite PVC decking products

Pros of TimberTech Composite Decking

  • Low lifetime costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to water and UV damage
  • Superior protection from adverse weather with Timbertech’s 4-sided capped boards 
  • Versatile colour and texture choices
How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood? 4

Cons of TimberTech Composite Decking 

  • Higher costs upfront
  • Not as natural-looking as real wood
  • Uncapped boards are usually less durable than capped

Pros of Real Wood Decks

•    Authentic wood look and texture
•    Typically more affordable upfront     
•    Wood types vary widely in cost for every budget

Cons of Real Wood Decks

  • Require regular maintenance for safety and aesthetics
  • More expensive long-term
  • Less durable than manufactured options
  • Length limits and board variations can complicate installation
How Do Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products Stack Up Against Wood? 5

Hire a Trusted Deck Builder for Timbertech Composite PVC Decking Products!

When comparing composite decking vs. wood, the winner is undoubtedly Timbertech Composite™ decking in almost every feature. It offers a stunning look, long-lasting performance, and a low-maintenance decking solution for any home. Contact us today to discuss how we can give your home a nuanced beauty and feel with the durability of Timbertech composite PVC decking products!