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Fiberon Deck Safety (Infographic)

Keeping your deck well maintained is key to keeping your outdoor living space and Alberta summers safe. This list will help you identify problems early.

Fiberon decking carefully mimics the appearance of beautiful hardwoods by using a patterned finish. It replaces hardwood with a long lasting composite decking product that lowers maintenance. Eco options and many color choices available.


Age and weather can cause worn, weak or broken areas. The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) recommends yearly examinations to ensure the safety of your structure and avoid injuries. Videos of decks collapsing on their YouTube Channel are enough to make sure you inspect your deck annually, here is one:

Wood Condition

Walk around your deck, looking at wood sections. Any split or cracked wood could be a hazard. Keep an eye out for weak, bending, or water damaged areas. Pay close attention to supports and any areas that touch the ground, as moisture accelerates decay and causes mold.


The edging and spouts that direct water away from your home should be in good condition and not clogged or leaking.


Take special note of anywhere that moves, wiggles or sways, as well as any elements that are not properly supported. Look over your deck to ensure all braces and screws are in place.


Railings should be high enough to allow people to lean or use them for balance, and not fall over. They should be well supported and remain firmly stationary when in use. Also check for sharp or loose sections of the railing that could catch and injure someone.


Remove dirt and mud as well as any debris such as leaves or evergreen needles. As well as being a slipping hazard, they also retain damaging moisture. Leaving these sitting will cause decay, mold and mildew, and attract bugs that could damage your deck.

Heat Sources

Take great care to ensure that any fire or heat sources you have on or near your deck are stable and safe. Place flame and heat retardant material between your deck and the heat; remember to leave plenty of space to move around it.

Lighting and Outlets

Allow plenty of lighting to maximize visibility and safety. Check wires, fixtures, and joints and replace any damages or worn areas. Open outlets and exposed wires are a hazard.


All furniture should be sturdy and secure, as well as well placed. Keep away from heat sources and deck edges or stairs.


Keep trees in the area well-trimmed to avoid falling branches that could damage property and injure people.

Here is an infographic from Fiberon

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