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Deck or Veranda: Which to Attach to My Home?

There are plenty of home renovation projects you can do before winter hits. For instance, some might consider installing a deck or veranda to attach to their home. Yet, between the two, what's the best to get done? Before you head to your trusted deck store in Edmonton, it's best to understand the differences between the two and see which one suits your home the most. Learn everything you can here. 

How an Edmonton Deck Store Differentiates Between a Deck & Veranda

What's a Deck?

A deck is a flat, elevated platform connecting a house and is generally enclosed by a railing. The strength and aesthetic of decks can come from various materials. One of the most popular materials used for decks is different types of wood - such as cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood. However, non-wood material options exist - vinyl and composite. 

Beyond material options, you can choose from plenty of ways for a deck to construct a deck for your home. These include the following: 

  • An attached deck: Most familiar type of deck as it's connected to the house - usually at the back. 
  • A detached deck: This can be positioned anywhere on your home's property—the perfect deck for uneven or rough terrain. 
  • A wraparound deck: These decks literally wrap around all sides of the house, creating easily accessible outdoor spaces for all rooms.
  • A multi-level deck: Best for homes with a steep slope or different elevations, providing interconnected decks across multiple levels.
  • Poolside deck: These act as a platform to surround your pool - perfect for comfortably getting in & out of your pool. 
  • Entryway deck: Often mistaken as a porch, the difference is this deck isn't completely covered overhead. 
  • Rooftop deck: Constructed on the roof of a house, they ensure safety by having railings. 

What's a Veranda?

A veranda is like a porch, but has a roof and is attached to the outside of the house's main floor. Sometimes it's either partly enclosed by or runs across the front of the house, along with the sides. Like decks, a veranda can be constructed in different ways. These include the following:

  • A flat roof: It's simple but versatile enough to accommodate various styles for small or large spaces. 
  • A curved roof: This veranda is more of an aesthetic design by curving the roof to look more elegant. 
  • A gazebo: Typically, gazebos come in various sizes and designs - making them a more complex veranda. 
  • A pergola: These can be attached to the house or detached with varying designs & styles. 
  • A sunroof: A veranda with a sunroof is versatile and great for enjoying sunshine or shade since the roof can open or close.
  • A gable roof: It's a more traditional or rustic veranda than other styles, which allows the rain & snow to drip down instead of collecting on top.

Deciding Between a Deck & Veranda

When deciding between a deck or a veranda, the best answer is which one would provide you with what you want based on their offer. If you have a pool, a poolside deck would be best. However, a veranda might be better if you have always dreamed of having a gazebo. It all depends on your preferences and how they would fit your lifestyle. Plus, these two home renovations are great at increasing home value - especially with how a deck can create resale value for homes. If the home value is important to you, then going for a deck would be in your best interest in the long term and ensure a high ROI. 

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