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The Deck Store is your one-stop shop for deck materials and deck builders in Edmonton. Our experts can advise on the design of your deck and assist you with selecting the right materials for your lifestyle, including cedar decking, vinyl decking, and more.

Established in 1985, our family owned and operated business has spent decades providing customers with personalized, knowledgeable service, and quality deck products at competitive prices. 

Our deck store in Edmonton has everything that you need for your deck. When you walk into our showroom, we only have your best interests in mind to bring to life the deck aesthetics of your dreams and maintain it. Whether you need professional deck installation in Edmonton or materials to spruce up the look of your deck, we are here to help every step of the way.

Get some decking ideas from builders, or choose decking based on aesthetics, and get your outdoor living setup ready for warmer weather. 

  • 6000 sq ft Showroom in Edmonton
  • Knowledgeable Staff Ready to Help You
  • We Stock LED Deck & Rail Lighting
  • We Stock Composite Maintenance Free Decking
  • We Offer Treated Lumber, Cedar, & Composites
  • Factory-Direct Pricing

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Deck Products

Need a new deck? Or perhaps your deck just needs a bit of a facelift... Either way, we can help! At the Deck Store, we've got everything you need to design and build a deck from scratch as well as deck boards, railings, and hardware to repair your deck when it inevitably suffers from wear and tear and accessories to enhance your overall deck lounging experience!


Sit back, relax, and let our professionals take care of your deck building project for you. We're one of the few deck stores in Edmonton that offer installation services. We listen to what you're looking for and our simple and straight-forward process means that you don't have to lift a finger. Leave it to the professionals and discover how easy your deck building project can be.

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The Best

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Find out why composite decking is so popular. It looks amazing, feels wonderful, and helps to save hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic garbage each year. Marvel at its resemblance to genuine wood while avoiding its downsides.

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Time to go high-tech with safe, sturdy, modular, optionally interconnecting design qualities and resilient plastic. Vinyl decking makes for lightweight, hollowed-out decking that lasts longer than wood and has the benefits of more conventional PVC options.

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Wood decks constructed from quality lumber are here to stay. Choose from top options like naturally decay-resistant cedar decking. Freshly cut cedar decking is available at competitive rates in a range of colours, from honey to silver.

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Pressure-treated wood makes for a great choice, with force-fed preservatives to keep pests and germs from devouring the wood fibres. Its cost-effective process allows us to pass savings on to consumers, allowing for excellent economy.

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Count on scratch, mould, and stain-resistant PVC decking, which requires little upkeep, so your project will get off to a flying start. From slip resistance to a highly durable surface, you’ll fall in love with a PVC deck.


Decking Building Products & Necessities

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Deck railings can make or break the overall look of your deck, and your choice could severely impact the safety and maintenance in the future. Tell us about your vision and we’ll help you select the best railing for your deck.

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For hardware, including planks, joists, skirts, treads and risers, fastening hardware, and much more, the Deck Store has what you need. Safety is paramount, so we’ll put all the care we can into a deck that performs under pressure.

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Protect your wood deck from sun damage, moisture, mould and mildew with a  deck stain. With many different shades and tones to choose from, our experts can recommend the best option to keep your deck looking its best.

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Don’t let sundown limit your time on the deck. Ask us for integrated lighting options to make your deck more enjoyable at night. From embedded options to free-standing lights, we’ve got something for everyone.

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Our professional deck installation team is the one to call for grading and levelling options. Count on landscaping expertise centred around safe decking and patio areas for maximum enjoyment and deck lifespan.

Financing Options Available!

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Our Edmonton deck builders

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5-Year Warranty on Labour

Our service is the best in the industry and we stand behind our work. If our workmanship is lacking for some reason, you can count on our commitment to tinker with, rebuild, or repair our decks for you.

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We’re eager to get you pricing you can count on, with competitive rates that maximize your project’s value. When we get savings from our suppliers, we do all we can to pass them on to you.

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Sit on a deck that you’ll feel at home upon. We’re confident in the efficiencies and competencies we’ve developed over the years; the Deck store’s policy is that you don’t pay until you’re happy.

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Family Owned & Operated

We’re a family of passionate deck builders who pass on everything we’ve learned over decades. We've got decades upon decades of experience and know-how. Come see why family businesses always seem to know better than big box stores.

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Best Selection of Brands & Products

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground to find the best hardware and accessory products on the market. We want your decks to be the best. Choose from top brands like Trex, Fiberon, Nuvo, Timbertech, & more.

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Deck Experts on Staff

We live and breathe deck building so that you don’t have to dig through all the information out there. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how your lifestyle can affect the design of your new deck.

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Have What it TakeS to Be a DIY Deck Builder?

Get Started With a DIY Deck Package

DIY deck builders rejoice! We’re here to take the headache out of sourcing the materials you need from unknowledgeable staff at big box stores. Our experienced team can help you cut down on repeat visits and multiple hours of research. If you're ready to build your own deck, we can assist by providing you with a step-by-step guide so you can do it the right way. 


Our deck store in Edmonton


Deck contractors are everywhere, but we’re one of the few you can visit in-store. Our showrooms demonstrate what the finished product of a custom package can look like, so your project walks off the shelf.


Finding the best deck builders is like pawing for a needle in a haystack, but we’re here to gather the best in one place. We’re not only an off-the-shelf decking solution, but we’re installers who make short work of amazing projects.


Deck companies you find online operating out of their tailgates can be a mixed bag, and they may not be able to stay within their quotes, but we’re project planners first, so you know our work comes with confidence.