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G-Tape™ Acrylic Flashing Tape features advanced backing substrate for exceptional performance in the most extreme environments.3040BK 4” is used by deck builders to protect the joists of your deck. It can be used anywhere that you need permanent protection.

Ultimate Flashing performance with unmatched contractor friendly features. AAMA 7-11 Level 3 Class A means 3040BK Flashings meet the highest standards for hot and cold performance and does so without the need for additional primer. Lighter weight than butyl or rubberized asphalt flashings 3040BK outperforms these products by significant margins.

3040BK Flashings have been recently tested for 50 year aging and have demonstrated to retain over 60% of original adhesion and over 100% of original tensile strength. We challenge all other Flashing products to do the same.


    • Adds protection to deck joists to increase longevity
    • Can last up to 50 years and retain 60% of the original adhesion and 100% of the tensile strength
    • While designed for decks, it can be used for windows as well
    • AAMA-7-11 Level 3 Class A means that 3040BK Flashings meet the highest standards for hot and cold performance’
    • Flashing Tape: An adhesive tape used to seal off any cracks or gaps in deck construction projects
      • Used in place of caulk
      • Can prevent water leakage
    • Does not require a razor or scissors to cut the tape
      • Can be torn with hands
      • Can be torn in a straight line everytime
    • You can stick it together to fix it instead of tossing the tape roll in the garbage
    • Made from a polyethylene substrate
    • Use on Deck Joists to create a waterproof seal between it and the deck boards